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The Power of Wisdom

In today’s chaotic world, not too many people have the time, the patience or the appreciation of searching for wisdom. Most people complain day-in and day-out about all of the bad things that keep happening to them! All the stress, all the pressures of life, of work, of kids, or whatever it might be that makes you go NUTS!

Why? It really does not have to be that way. The irony is that, we today have more of the material goods that our ancestors did, we have better living conditions, and etc… but yet most of us are empty from within! Think about it, are you truly happy? Are you truly satisfied?

Sure, you might have a good job, a nice house, family, and some other perks that you have acquired over the years. But yet, you still are not fulfilled!

You are not satisfied, because you are missing something. What are you missing? What is it that you truly desire? Is it more money? Is it more love? Is it understanding? Is it the ability to do as you please when you please?

Yet, you are still hungry! You are hungry because you are still starving! You are starving and you do not realize it! You are starving mentally, you are starving spiritually, you are starving, because you do not understand what it is that you are here for!

Fortunately or unfortunately, these are the facts of today! You have been deprived of the most important human factors. THE ABILITY TO THINK! You have been brainwashed and bombarded since childhood with so many advertisements that you do not have the ability to think for yourself anymore. You are a follower, and you will stay a follower, unless you do something about it.

Believe me, you can, and you should! Start reading more, pay attention to the philosophy and the literature of philosophical GIANTS! The only way to get wiser, is to read the work of the wise! Learn from them, and increase what you learned to make it better!

We are like a sculptor having both the training and the tools with which to work, standing before a huge block of marble, admiring its beauty yet never turning a hand, and all the while wondering why an interesting statue does not emerge! We are forgetful of why we have studied for years and why we have the tools with which to work.

We are like a man who hates darkness and sits alone in a house completely wired for electricity, praying for the light yet never moving a finger to switch on the powerful illumination!

You can achieve all you dream once you realize that you have the power within yourself!


Vahe Karamian

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