Stop The World – I Want Off (Temporarily)

Have you ever wished you could stop the world while you take time to relax, regroup, resolve something and then return to your life in a renewed state? Making time to reflect and resolve issues can be a powerful process. Setting your intention to heal and learn more about, who you truly are, is a decision that only you can make.

Since everyone views and experiences the world differently, it is important to choose a process that works best for you. For me, time communing with nature is a healing and cathartic experience. You need to trust your intuition and select what you connect with on a soul level. The most important thing is to be mindful and to respect your unique process with patience and understanding. Remember taking time away from the push and pull of life is as important as good nutrition, exercise and emotional health. Temporarily stepping away from your responsibilities may seem like a vacation is the answer, however, vacation and using time away to reflect on who you truly are is like night and day. You need to spend time looking deep inside yourself, and sometimes this can be uncomfortable or stir the pot of your emotions and soul.

Putting your trust in the process of stepping away, such as a retreat, will make space for the work you need to do. When you are focused solely on the issues of heart and mind to explore the innermost reaches of your soul, you will recognize the significance of stepping away versus a vacation. When you pay attention to the messages of your soul, you pave the way for greater healing and transformation. Spending time in contemplation gives you the gift of unique insights and understanding that you can use in all aspects of your life.

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