If They Only Knew and Understood

…the depth in which I feel, hear, see and care

the pressure I feel

the severity in which the pain cuts

the magnitude of the calling

the tears I shed

the ache in my heart

the swelling in my head

the tenderness of my soul

the compassion I live

the energy involved in alleviating the pain of others

the love I AM

yet nothing compares to…..

the persecution and pain of the one who gave all

the willingness, commitment, obedience and service of all deities

who paved the way

all those before me that I respect and honor as models of love,

obedience, purpose and strength

if they only realised…..

the cries and begging, “take this pain and lift me up Lord”

the questioning, “is this what you really want?”

the deciding, “is this my ego or your will”

the rationalising, “yet this is so big and I am only one”

do they really hear when…..

I cry, “I am only human”

I ask my loved ones, “please understand”

I remind my parents, “I am on loan to you and our creator’s will be


I share to those I serve, “you are not alone”

I reiterate to vendors or investors, “this is not about the bottom line”

I cry out, “we have people starving in the world yet you continue

to waste”

I beg, “please care about what you are doing with this world”

to myself I request, “remember why you are here” and then…..

the pain lifts slowly

the cry is muffled

Spirit reminds me my work is not done

I am grounded in purpose

I move forward one obedient and purposeful step at a time

I’m reminded of my gifts

I give gratitude for my calling

my focus is clear

my heart is open

my ears are tuned in

my love flows from the depths of all that I am

I am here to serve

This is Who I AM

by Angela R. Vigil



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