How Do You Start Manifesting A New Life?

Take a look at what your life is like now. What sort of area do you live in? What is your house like, what is the inside decor like, what sort of car (if any) do you drive, what sort of job do you do, what sort of people do you associate with, where do you spend your recreation time, what sort of things do you enjoy doing? Look closely at every aspect of your life.

Do you have the life that you really want or are you just making do? Do you wish that things were different or are you just thinking that you are just stuck there and there is no point moaning about it?

You are where you are because you created that and once you learn to accept that you will realise that as you have created your “now” existence you can also create your future.

You think as you do because that is what you have been taught to think. It is the perception of you that everyone else in your life up until now has taught you. It is not who you really are.

Once you accept this you can start changing your perception of yourself and by so doing you can change your future. You and only you have the choice( no matter what the circumstances) there is only you who can decide the outcome.

We all tend to look at our outside circumstances and make our choices based on those. Up until now no one ever told you that what you have thought in the past has decided on what you have in the present.

Now you have the ability to think for yourself, you also have the ability to change your thoughts to get that better life for yourself. If you were to go on holiday then you would decide where you wanted to go, how you wanted to travel, when you wanted to go and when you would return. You would investigate the sort of things that you could do at your chosen destination, what sort of currency you would need, how much money you will need, what clothes you should pack, who will take care of your animals and plants whilst you are away and any other thing pertaining to your vacation. Yet most people do not put a fraction of effort into planning their future.

If you went to the shop to buy your dinner, would you buy food that you hated or would you get something you love? You just made a choice. When you woke up this morning did you get straight out of bed or did you have another 10 minutes lie in? You have made another choice, Getting easier isn’t it. We make choices every nano second of every day and yet we are not always aware of it. Most of the choices we make are made by habit, they are controlled by our sub-conscious mind. You do not have to instruct your sub-conscious as it just accepts and does. It is your conscious mind that you have to start instructing and when you have mastered the art of instructing your conscious mind your life will start changing at a dramatic rate.

Now you need to learn to control your thoughts. Your consciousness is similar to a radio station, you send signals and programs and you receive signals and programs. If you tune into a radio station and there is a program on that you don’t enjoy, you just turn a dial and and tune into to a station that you do like. You can do that just as easy with your thoughts, if you have a thought that you do not enjoy, change it for another one.

If you have a lot of debt and are always worrying about it, all that you are manifesting is more debt. If you start thinking of abundant wealth instead of debt you will start attracting opportunities that will bring you wealth.

The law of attraction works all the time for everything and just because you are not getting what you think you want at moment does not change that. You are getting what you are putting your focus on. So in order to get what you Do want, you need to start focusing your thoughts on positive things instead of negative things.

This may seem like a challenge at first but as you practice it will become easier, just like it did when you first learned to tie your shoelaces or to ride a bike. You struggled at first then you got more proficient and then you could do it without even thinking about it.

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