3 Steps to Manifesting a New Reality

Discover 3 easy exercises that can take you from a ho hum life to manifesting a fantastic life in 1, 2, 3…Every successful person has at one point in time stopped and asked themselves, “How can I manifest a new reality?” They may not have used those identical words but they most definitely had the burning desire to change their life conditions to a better newer more elevated life.

Those people who never question, wish or hope to enhance their lives will never manifest changes. They will continue to manifest a continual series of sameness and dullness from the time they enter this physical reality until they die.

Lets face it, its not always easy for a person to take a good look at where they presently are and be honest about what it takes to make the leap from a ho hum life to an outstanding life. However once you embark on that quest consciously the outcome will be truly amazing, because all it takes to manifest change is the desire to do so. Manifesting a new reality takes 3 steps that require just a bit of self-awareness.

1.) Self Reflection – Who ever said change can come without being aware of who you are and how you have been? Journaling is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Few people ever take the time to reflect on their present conditions. Most people run through life in a very unconscious way. Every single day is much like the last and every single week like the last and so on. As the years go by they realize that they have not fully lived. Doesn’t that scare you? Take sometime everyday to reflect on your life and journal your feelings. Know what you want from life and write it down.

2.) Knowing What You Want – It would seem that everyone would know this but most people haven’t a clue as to what they really want. One of the reasons which cause most people to fail at manifesting the things they desire is that most people switch up their desires in mid creation. Today they are certain that they want one thing but tomorrow they are uncertain about it. Take a few moment to know why you want what you want and write it out in your journal. When you know why you want something you open the way for it to unfold with greater intention and focus. When you don’t have a why/reason you are less motivated to take action.

3.) You are Willing to Give up what?- So you want to manifest a new you, a new reality but you don’t want to give up the old you? Everything you want requires that you give up something to make room for the new. The old part of yourself must die to make room for the new part you are wishing to manifest. Some form of movement must take place. You must be willing to give up whatever you are holding on to in order to receive. You cannot manifest a new reality while holding on to the old. You cannot receive with a clenched fist. Let go!

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